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Club «Tango on Volga» invites you to milonga (tango dance party). Every Sunday 18.00-22.00 we'll be waiting for you in the «Paluba» cafe. Entrance fee - 100 roub. Address: Bolshaya Sadovaya St., 153/163. «Tesar-City»


Center of Turkish language and culture of Saratov State University in cooperation with the private club Tango on the Volga. Liudmila Medvedeva School . ultural and entertainment project - Argentine tango: Dance all!. March 2009

The results of competition Tango Oleada 2008

On the 4th of October the competition of Argentine tango Tango Oleada 2008 was held.

More than three hundred guests of competition were looking with interest and pleasure at 13 couples from different Russian cities. The competitions judges were professionals of different kinds of dance: Metin Yazir, Argentine tango teacher, the founder of 27 Argentine tango schools in 5 countries of the word, the President of Turkish Association of Argentine tango, Olesya Beloserova, the member of the Russian Union of flamenco, the world champion of flamenco, brand-leader 2008 of Saratov region, Vladimir Zolotarev, the President of Dance Sport Federation of Saratov region, the judge of the All-Russia category. By the results of judging three couples reached the final stage of competition: Rudakov Dmitriy and Kondratyeva Svetlana (Samara), Blagodarov Sergey and Blagodarova Natalya (Saratov), Mishin Michael and Spirina Tatyana (Moscow-Samara). Spectators were actively taking part in choosing of the couple they liked most of all. The main prize of spectators sympathy won the couple: Mishin Michael and Spirina Tatyana (Moscow-Samara). This couple was unique because the partners were from different cities and they met each other only few hours before the competition!

In nomination Harmony the best became Blagodarov Sergey and Blagodarova Natalya (Saratov), in nomination Perfection: Rudakov Dmitriy and Kondratyeva Svetlana (Samara).
Our thanks to all couples-competitors for their beautiful, interesting and live performance of Argentine tango, for their love to dance and their contribution to development of tango dancing both in our city and in Russia.

Welcome to Tango Oleada 2009!

Tango Oleada 2008

Press release for participants and teachers.

Tango Oleada 2008
When people are dancing the world becomes better.

October 3 5, 2008 Argentine tango competition named Tango Oleada 2008 will be held in Saratov.

IDEA. In Russia this is the first event of such a size. The idea to arrange this competition appeared due to growing demands of tango association that is looking for new opportunities for professional growth and development of tango in Russia. Participation in this competition is moving to the higher professional level.
For teachers it is an opportunity to exchange their experience, to demonstrate their own unique style of dancing and teaching, to widen contacts and find new VIP students.
For students it is a starting ground into the world of professional tango, testing of their abilities, personal moment of power and discovery of potential.
And the main point this is one of the ways to make the world a little better, brighter and more beautiful.

The essence. The uniqueness of tango is in the absence of the strict schemes. Everyone finds ones own style, discovers capabilities given by the nature. Thats why we underline that the tango competition is not a battle with inevitable tension, aggression and stresses. Competition implies estimation, but not estimation of skills to repeat learned moves. It is estimation of ability to be live and real, flow along with the life, feel it and show these feelings to other people through ones body. The main criterion is individuality. There are several nominations in this competition and anyone can be the best.

Energy. Spanish word Oleada means a big wave, surf, burst of feelings.
Tango Oleada 2008 project is a powerful wave of energy. It is a fullness of feelings and height of plans. It is a beautiful action where everyone creates ones own tango-performance, here and now. This is a place of power that gives impulse to move further and higher.

Participants: Tangerous from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Saratov, Kiev, Istanbul and other cities will compete to be called the best.

Judges: Representatives of Argentine tango, professional dancers, art figures and representatives of business elite.

Special guest of Tango Oleada 2008 is the world famous teacher of argentine tango Metin Yazir. Some master-classes of Metin Yazir are planned within the limits of this project.

Organizer of the project.
Private Club Tango on the Volga, Ludmila Medvedeva School supporting by Advertising Agency 555.

Private Club Tango on the Volga Ludmila Medvedeva School.
+7 917 213 21 91 Ludmila Medvedeva 8 (84520 34 56 27 Marina Shevchenko
E-mail: gid2003@inbox.ru
Site: www.tango-volga.ru

PR and advertising:
Advertising agency 555
Chernyshevchevskogo Str., 90 office 610
Saratov Russia
42 26 13 (+7902 717 26130 Evgenia Solntseva
Tel (8452) 37 81 73; 207013
TE-mail: 555-saratov@mail.ru


Click here to see full size pictureOur congratulations to all members of the Argentine tango club Tango on the Volga!
By results of the third regional competition Saratov Brand Leader (the award in the field of marketing, business, advertisment, art) our club received the award BRAND LEADER of 2008!
At the awarding ceremony our club performed a beatiful dance - Argentine tango. Solo was danced by Ludnila Medvedeva (Saratov) and Michael Mishin (Moscow)as well as Marina Shevchenko and Andrei Pugachev, Olga Zakharkina and Andrei Revyakin, Elena Venina and Farukh Khamidullin, Valentina Mamulina and Sergei Shipulin.
Many thanks to all memebers of "Tango on the Volga" Club for their active promotion of tango-culture in our city!

On June 16 the SECOND season of Argentine tango evenings Summer Saratov tango is opening.
Tango evenings will be held every Monday from 20.00 to 23.00. The place of holding: Naberezhnaya Kosmonavtov, summer cafe Aquatoria, behind the building of the River-boat station (Eldorado shop) on the bank of the Volga river.
We will be happy to share our good spirit and Tango with all persons interested in!

Ludmila Medvedeva worked as a member of the judge commission at World Cup championship on Argentine tango and Salsa dance "Turkish dance sport federation WORLD CUP A. Tango& Salsa, IDSF International open Latin Istanbul 30.05-01.06.2008." in Istanbul May-June 2008.




Turkish dance sport federation WORD CUP A. Tango& Salsa, IDSF International open Latin Istanbul 30.05-01.06.2008. Our club goes to World Cup. Lyudmila Medvedeva the judge of the championship and 2 pairs - will compete.

After Milonga with Metin Yazir (March 2008)

Turkish tango fusionThe question What is Turkey Fusion in Tango style? was asked by those guests who came to milonga for the first time. The answer was simple: milonga joint incompatible cultures of the East and hot Argentina. Evening dresses and brilliance of eyes made clear that all people were waiting for something special. Several cameras of Saratov TV companies met the guests at the entrance. Tango music sounded in the luxurious and cozy hall of Volga restaurant. The guests were treated to champagne and special desert.

All were waiting for Metin Yazir. He is not only a teacher for people who are fond of tango but a real legend. He is a Turk . But he preferred Argentine tango to national dances. Metin is one of the best teachers of tango in the world.

There was press conference with local telechannels, magazines, newspapers on which Metin told about development of a tango in the world, his international school and Turkish-Russian cultural exchange.

Metin started his speech from handing of Certificates. At the beginning of the year the founders of Saratov Club Tango on the Volga Ludmila Medvedeva and Olga Gavrilina took a course of teachers training at the International School of Metin Yazir Baila Tango. But it was not the main surprise. Pupils and guests were astonished to learn that Ludmila was invited as a judge to the international championship. World Cup Turkish dance sport federation WORLD CUP A Tango & Salsa, IDSF International open Latin will be held in Istanbul 30.05.2008/01.06.2008. Ludmila is the first judge from Russia and the only judge woman at the international championship on Argentine tango.

In honor of arrival of the famous guest, his fellow-countrymen Turkish students and leaders of the Turkish center visited milonga. The guys showed a bridegrooms marriage dance. After hot eastern dance Ludmila Medvedeva gave the first lesson of tango that allowed all persons interested to dance at milonga.

But most of all people were waiting for performance of Metin himself. He struck everybody having danced tango three together, with Olga and Ludmila. It was a sudden and beautiful improvisation.

Two next days were busy with seminar and private lessons of Metin. Unfortunately not all people who desired to attend seminar could do it, but only those registered beforehand, as number of pupils was limited. All other tangers enjoyed closed club milonga with Metin participation and had pleasure of dancing with Maestro.

The most resistant and diligent pupils got additional free of change lesson at a private party. Thus, seminar finished in sincere company of tango-lovers: they sang folk songs, played Turkish folk games and treated the guest with caviar. At parting there was a lot of pictures, kisses to cheek by Turkish tradition.

Metin liked staying in Saratov, a hearty welcome and beautiful Saratov girls.

Metin and organizers of the club agreed to cooperate further in carrying out of seminars and competition on Argentina Tango with support of Turkish dance sport federation of Argentine Tango. (TDSF A Tango)

Metin YazirOn 29 30th of March we invite you to master-class of Metin Yazir.

March 29, place: Lotos club, B. Sadovaya Str., 139/150, crossing of B. Sadovaya Str. and Novouzenskaya Str., near the 3rd Sovetskaya Hospital.

1st lesson: 12.00-13.30 level: beginners. 1st part
2nd lesson: 13.45-15.15 level: beginners. 2nd part
3rd lesson: 16.00-17.30 level: beginners advanced

March 29.
(Place: Lotos Club) MILONGA
20.30 24.00
Show programme with Metin participation!!!
Cost 200 rub

March 30.
Place: Malibu Club, crossing of Volskaya Str. And B.Gornaya Str.

4th lesson: 12.00-13.30 level: beginners-advanced
5th lesson: 13.45-15.15 level: advanced
6th lesson: 16.00-17.30 level: advanced

Registration for the lessons is obligatory!
Call, send messages! »

We invite you for CITY MILONGA that will be held on March 27, 2008 at 19.00 at the address: Pr. Kirova, Volga restaurant.

Tango on the Volga Private Club,
Ludmila Medvedeva school
e-mail: gid2003@inbox.ru, www.tango-volga.ru
tel: 345627, +79172132191

Center of Turkish language and culture of Saratov State University
e-mail: turkcenter@yandex.ru, www.turkcenter.ru

March 27
within the framework of a Year of Turkey in Russia
a cross-culture project
is represented


Agree, that the name of this event itself provokes surprise. How it could be invented you are being surprised. But the point is that we didnt need to invent anything. It seems that incompatible cultures of the East and hot Argentina will unite in Saratov.

Metin Yazir is arriving to our city from Turkey. He is a Turk by nationality. Metin has a perfect use of different dances technique but preferred Argentine tango. Metin Yazir is one of the best tangeros of the world.

Everybody who is fond of tango can appreciate how lucky Saratov is. Every city dancing tango dreams of Metin arrival. In Europe and USA he is one of the most famous teachers. Metin educated a Pleiad of talented teachers and actors. He is adored by his numerous pupils and admirers. Such a success, undoubtedly, is defined by his huge enthusiasm, inexhaustible sense of humor and phenomenal precision of explanation.

From March 27 to April 1 many tangeros from different cities will gather in Saratov to enjoy Tango together, relax from working weekdays and have lessons from the Master.

Metin YazirTango on the Volga Private Club, Ludmila Medvedeva School together with the Center of the Turkish language and culture SSU are carrying out CITY MILONGA that will be held on March 27 at 19.00 at the address: Pr. Kirova, 34, Volga restaurant.

We have got a brilliant opportunity to get acquainted with both Turkish culture and Argentine tango. Out partners from the Center of Turkish language and culture will treat you with eastern sweetmeats and tell about traditions and culture of Turkey. Metin Yazir will explain using universal tango language why all the countries in the world are keen on this dance.

On Saturday and Sunday, 29th and 30th of March there will be master-classes of Metin Yazir. The first lessons will be taught by the Master for beginners. After already the first lesson everybody will be able to participate in milongas.

Metin Yazir was invited to Saratov by Tango on the Volga Private Club, Ludmila Medvedeva School. Thanks to this Club citizens of Saratov have got an exclusive opportunity to join in world culture. For 2 years of tango club existence more than 400 people became participants of different tango club events. For almost two years Saratov has been among ten Russian cities where tango is being danced.

Reference: The word Milonga has 2 meanings: quick tango with merry music and mischievous nature. And the second, milonga is also a name of dancing party or a place where they dance tango, tango-waltz, milonga.

We are glad to invite you to become sponsors of our event.

Collection of new group is announced. The lessons begin in March. Call, send your messages>>

New photos: our trip to Turkey.

Welcome to Crimean holidays 2008

Dear friends,
We are glad to invite you to the 3rd international tango camp Crimean holidays 2008
May 1-6, 2008 in Koktebel, Crimea, the Ukraine.
Please, register and collect a company of your friends at:

Crimean holidays 2008 it is:

  1. much sea and sun at the Crimean seacoast;
  2. entertainment for any taste (mountain trips, riding, paraplanes, excursions, cognac and wine-tasting and so on)
  3. 5 days seminar with teachers of the world level
  4. 6 milongas from sunset to daybreak.
  5. The best tango-DJs of CIS and live music

and certainly international company of friends dancing Argentine tango.

You can read about Koktebel at camp site:

Since 2006 we have been inviting our friends to Koktebel to carry out Crimean holidays together with us. And every year tango camp joins more than 300 people from Ukraine, Russia, Germany, Austria, Argentina, Poland, Turkey, England, France, USA, Canada and other countries. One can read responses of participants of previous tango camps here:

Our guests at the previous camps were: Metin Yazir (Teurkey), Fernando Gidi (Agrentina) and Ines Mussavi (Germany), Slava Ivanov and Olya Leonova, Valya Ustinova, Ira Petrichenko, Anya Zuzina (Moscow, Russia), Sergeu Merkulov and Evgenia Kipyatkova, Natalia and Alexander Berezhnovy (Saint Petersburg, Russia), Rodrigo Rufino and Zhizela Passi, Aisha and Victor (Argentina). This year the teacher staff promises to be not less famous and the lessons will be as interesting and merry as before.

Please register now and fresh news about tango camp in Koktebel will find you themselves:

Organizational committee of tango camp
Crimean holidays 2008


Tango under silence Concert orchestra of the wind Volga-Band
Saratov regional Philharmonic Society named after A. Shnitke

January 2008
The Hall of Saratov
Social-Economic University
Beginning at


Concert Orchestra of the wind

Art producer Honoured Artist of Russia, professor,
Anatoly Selyanin

Soloists laureates of international contests


Laureate of international contest


The concert is carried on by ELENA PONOMAREVA

Collection of a new group is announced. Lessons are starting in February. Send your messages, call>>

New Year holidays from January 1 3, 2008.

The lessons will start on January, 14. Follow the news!


First night of Mystery of Tango ballet.

All my life is tango. Sad tango. Not because I am sorrowful, not at all, I am happy. I love to live there are no reasons for my music to be sad. But it is sad because it is tango. There is drama in it but no pessimism.
Astor Piazzola

On December 22, 23, 2007 the first performance of Mystery of Ttango ballet in two acts to Astor Piazzolas music ( phonogram) will be held in Saratov Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre. Libretto is by Valery Nesterov. Ballet-masters are Valery Nesterov and Alexei Zykov (actor and choreographer of Saratov Academic Drama Theatre). Set design is by Sergey Boldarev, costume designer is Olga Kolesnikova.

The ballet authors aim to show a life philosophy of tango dancers, to express fully the drama essence of Astor Piazzolas music, to reproduce emotional spirit and Aroma of Argentina music.

Astor Piazzolla (1921 -1992) is an outstanding Argentine musician and composer of the second part of the 20th century, whose compositions changed radically traditional type of tango, having represented it in modern style, containing elements of jazz and classic music. He is a founder of the style that was called New tango. Piazzolla was also famous as unsurpassed master of playing bandoneon (Argentine type of accordion). Besides tango he also composed sonatas, symphonies, concerts for piano, songs, music to films and theatre performances. Piazzllas compositions were executed by great musicians Chik Koria, Mstislav Rastropovich, Placido Domingo, Hose Karreras, Keit Dzharrera, Gidon Kremer. At his Motherland he is called El Gran Astor (the Great Astor).

November 22, 2007

DVD and CD with tango-films, tango-lessons, tango-shows, tango-music!
In details

Dear friends!

On December 15 -16 tango-seminar of Anya Zyzina (Tango-Mio club, Moscow) and Herman Salvatierra (participant and teacher of HM-festival 2007) will be held.

 Herman Salvatierra, an actor and dancer, graduated from the National Theatre School in Buenos Aires and has been working in Argentina as a professional actor since 1994, participating in a great number of performances. He also thoroughly studied expressiveness of actor bodies and performed in Brasilia, Europe and various theatre festivals. Herman started to learn tango dance with Rikardo Barrios and Karlos Rivarola at the National Theater School and further continued his study with such teachers as Fernando Galera and Vilma Vega, Hulio Balmaseda and Korina de la Rosa, Omar Vega, Chicho Drumboli and others.

Herman understands tango as certain relations and interaction that a dancing couple goes through. He teaches structures and technical base to give the partners an opportunity to find their own way of interaction and develop their own personal style. He works on the basis of traditional concepts and at the same time investigates opportunities and evolution of nowadays tango.

Herman performances combine tango technique, clownery and theatre elements as well as a special play with spectators. Herman preformed in many tango-show in Buenos Aires and participated in various tango-festivals.

MILONGA: 21:00 24:00.
Show with participation of Anna and Herman!!!
The cost is 200 rub.
Please take something tasty with you ( juice, wine, fruit,)

We invite you to milonga on November 18.
It will take place in Theatralnoye Cafe
In details

The lessons of new group #3 will start on November 19.
In details

On October 20 -21 master-class of Irina Petrichenko (Moscow) will be held.

Irina Petrichencko
Founder and leader of Tango school asi www.tangoasi.ru
(such a tango, yet tango, let tango be)

Ira has been dancing tango since the time it appeared in Moscow. One even can say that she was among those few people thanks to which tango appeared on the whole. Natural plastic giftedness, various dancing past and, certainly, lessons of famous European and Argentine maestros made Ira a brilliant partner, to dance with her, if you dare to invite is happiness.

I was born on December 19, and, consequently, belong to fiery and emotional estate of Sagittarius. It cannot be changed although I still continue to try from time to time. In my childhood I forced my parents to let me go to a musical school: I just passed independently through audition, was admitted and only then informed them that I had been admitted to the school and they had to pay. As a result I finished the musical school and can play piano, accordion and six-string guitar. I was thinking to learn playing bandoneon but really in my opinion this instrument looks more attractive in mans hands. Moreover since my young age I have been keen on dancing and mountain ski, later one more passion of mine appeared, that became my profession to be a doctor. In 1998 tango entered my life and changed it cardinally.

However to dance and to teach dancing is not the same. To teach one should be able to observe and analyze, to show and explain. But the main thing is to feel people and can communicate with them. Irinas pupils who can already dance very well still attend her lessens for years because there is always something that one would like to learn and just because it is not possible to refuse doing it. Ira has been teaching tango dance since 2000, was an organizer of La milonga school and worked there for 4 years, she is a co-founder of Development of social dance fund. Among her pupils there are those who opened their own schools or teach at already existing ones. (Denis Mizgirev Tangobravo, Sergey Maga Tangomagia, Vladimir Gumenuk and Oksana Rapanova Lamilonga) and those who can be called without any doubts adornment of any dance hall of the world Nana Khochlava, Katya Meschanova and other.

Argentine Club Tango on the Volga celebrates its first anniversary.

Tango on the Volga club invites you to our first anniversary.

The party in tango style will be held in Theatralnoye Cafe. Address: Theatralnaya Ploschad, 1 Beginning at 19:00, September 20.

At this party you will make acquainted with the history of Argentine tango, with sensual music and, certainly with the only Club of Argentine tango in Saratov Tango on the Volga. Then milonga will be held. ( The word Milonga has two meanings. The first one is a quick tango with merry music and mischievous nature. Milonga is also the name of a dancing party or a place where they dance tango, tango-waltz, milonga and other dances.)

Tango on the Volga is exotic and acquaintance with the world culture at the same time, but the main thing it is the beautiful style of life. The members of the Club are open people that have already found their way in life. Tango became for them the special light that burns in the heart and the Club the place where one can forget about everyday fuss, enjoy communication and to speak the language of the body.

Argentine tango is not a set of learnt movements, it is an impromptu, special dialog where every movement is a word. And what it will be: fierce argument, declaration of love or friendly talk depends on the couple itself.

The language of Argentine tango is universal. Having assimilated it one can speak tango language in any country. The members of the Club have already been at the international festivals in Ukraine, Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. And now they are going to invite masters-teachers from Turkey and Argentina.

The Club of Argentine tango was founded by Ludmila Medvedeva and Olga Gavrilina. Ludmila is a teacher of the tango-club. For a long time she has been learning different dance directions, arrange psychological trainings to eliminate constraint with the help of dance. She had training in Europe and made her choice in favor of tango.

Possibility to learn to dance Argentine tango is exclusive. And now, for one year already Saratov has been included into ten Russian cities where tango clubs are available.

Lets celebrate this interesting for our city event together!

Celebration is held under support of:
Polygraphic studio 555, VKO club, network of tourist agencies, URSA Bank.

Collection of a new group is announced. Lessons are starting on September, 6. Send your messages, call

There will be no lessons in August. We are leaving for festivals. Join us!

The lessons will start on September 3 or 4. Perhaps, the timetables of the lessons will be changed. Follow the news. Call.

The season of Saratov summer tango will continue till September. The parties-milongas are held every Monday from 20:00 to 23:00. The place of holding: Embankment , summer cafe Akvatoria. We will be happy to see everybody who would like to share our wonderful spirit!

On June 11 the season of tango-parties is opening. Parties-milongas will be held every Monday from20:00 to 23:00. The place: The place of holding: Embankment , summer cafe Akvatoria. We will be happy to see everybody who would like to share our wonderful spirit!

Collection of a new group is announced. The lessons are starting in July! Send your e-mails , call.

Collection of a new group is announced. The lessons are starting on May, 22! Send your e-mails , call.

After spring holidays the lessons will start on May 15.

Seminar on Argentine tango (Master-class of Vyacheslav Ivanov and Olga Leonova):

On March 24 seminar will start at 13:20.
On March 25 seminar will start at 10:45.

Place of milonga holding:
Restaurant Russky Vek , from 21:00 to 01:00. The number of places ia limited. Please order and buy your tickets beforehand.

On March 24 a big milongs will be held in Saratov!
We invite you to MILONGA (tango-party) with participation of a dancing couple from Moscow, Vyacheslav Invanov and Olga Leonova. We will be able to enjoy music, dance and warm communication.
If you are still not acquainted with Argentine tango, come to have a look at this specific dance.
While you dont dance yourselves you can learn much just observing it. You will see that all dancing couples interpret music in their own way and notice a lot of nuances
Tango is an absolute freedom of self-expression, feeling of the present in its full value.

The timetable has changed (in details ) as well as the cost of lessons (in details )

On April 28 May 5 an international TANGO FESTIVAL will be held.
We are going to Koktebel (Crimea, Ukraine). Everybody is invited to this wonderful trip!.

Details are here:

On March 24 -25 Seminar of Vyacheslav Ivanov and Olga Leonova (Moscow) will be held!

This is one of the prettiest couples of Moscow. They are distinguished for their non-standard manner of dancing at Moscow milongas, their own refined tango-style, that is a fairy cocktail made of saloon tango and tango-fantasy. The main thing in tango is contact and harmony inside of the couple and unity with music.

Vyacheslav has been dancing since 2000 almost from the moment when tango appeared in Russia, He has been teaching tango dance since 2003 in his own school < Go Tango!> http://www.gotango.ru/. He is an organizer and moderator of the most attended tango-forum in Russia. Vyacheslav trained in Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Bologna, Barcelona, Istanbul, Buenos Aires. Olga and Vyacheslav have energetic and creative style of teaching, thought over structure of the lessons as well as big experience of holding of seminars in Russia and Ukraine: Kiev, Samara, Cheliabinsk, Saint- Petersburg, Saratov, Rostov-on-Don.

We continue the lessons after the New Year holidays!
Collection of a new group is announced. Lessons are starting in February.
On February 15 and 29 we invite you to PRACTICE.
It will be held from 19:00 to 21:00. All are invited.

On January 3 a New Year Milonga will be held.

The time of holding: from 17:00 to 21:00. Place of holding: Theatralnoye Cafe, Disco-bar Fifth Element. Everybody who loves to dance is invited. Come to enjoy with music, dance and warm communication.