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Tango Volga Club. Saratov

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We have been looking attentively at Argentine tango for half a year.

In December 2005 Olga stayed with her friends in Germany. There her first meeting with Tango happened. Olgas friend, Azat, let her into the world of music and culture of Argentine tango. Azat has been living in Germany for 15 years and has been dancing tango for 10 years. It was tango that helped him to join the circle of native Germans. This style of life is very popular in Europe: success, business, tango. If one knows this many socials doors will open

Having come back to Saratov Olga literally attacked Ludmila (ball dancer with long experience) with impressions, desires and demand to arrange something similar in Saratov. Ludmila resisted for half a year, till international Argentine tango festival in Koktebel. One can hardly even imagine what efforts were made by Olga for that!

And it happened! Ludmila also had a burning desire to dance Argentine tango. But what she had to go through!

Ludmila: «It was a shock! The first Milonga. The first partner. German. I know that I dance very well. My partners often told me about it. After only two bars and I understand that I am dancing myself, without my partner. The partner is astonished. He can do nothing with me. I am dancing without him. Possibly it is a beautiful solo but it is NOT Argentine tango!!! The next three days I felt paralysed. I understood that I could not dance Argentine tango, I was not able, nothing came of it. It essentially differs from that I studied all my life. I visited lessons, studied but I was very much afraid to go to Milonga if somebody invites.But passion and will-power always helped me in my life. I desired to dance Argentine tango. And now I am very thankful to those my partners that helped me to relax and to feel myself a woman in their embraces, just follow them in dancing and enjoy.»

There was a lot of foreign guests in Koktebel. A sharp desire appeared to have a look how THIS is there.abroad.Paris, Lille, Brussels, Amsterdam, Djent.. Travels, acquaintances, tango, tango, tango.. Practices, lessons, milongas

After European kaleidoscope of impressions there was an absolute tango-vacuum in Saratov.

Need for opportunity to spend time in a cozy cafe with a pleasant music, comfortable atmosphere and to dance: elegantly and gently, may be passionately or just lightly and merrily, became even more vivid.

Olga: «I will tell you honestly: «Tango on the Volga» Club is an entirely egoistic project. Everything was done only because there was no place for Luda and me to dance. We were waiting when a club of tango-lovers appeared. But if you want to do something in proper way do it yourself.»

All our Russian and foreign friends rejoiced our undertaking. They gave advices, sent music and video, spoke with our guests at the club opening on the TV bridge.

Thank you, our dear friends!

Special thanks to Azat (Germany), Rodger (Belgium) Kris (France), Berezhnovy Natalia and Alexander (St. Petersburg), Leonovy olga and Vyacheslav (Moscow), Vilvovskaya Alexandra (Moscow), Grebennikova Irina (Moscow), as well as our Saratov informative sponsors Svetlana Beik («Territory» magazine), Tatyana and Viitaly Babarykiny («Spros» newspaper), Yulia Kalimullina («555» polygraphic studio), Oleg Zlobin (Obschaya Gazeta.Ru).

So Saratov Club of Argentine Tango «Tango on the Volga» appeared.

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